Paige has always been passionate about animals and has wanted to work within the profession ever since she can remember. Having had dogs growing up, she realised she understood their wants and needs more than most. She studied abroad in Paris for 2 years and after completing her course she moved back to the UK and gained voluntary experience with a dog walking company. 


In 2005 Charlotte gained a national diploma in animal management at Sparsholt College in Winchester. 3 years later, she started veterinary nursing in Bournemouth & Brighton. In 2013, after 5 years of working in practice, Charlotte had, had enough of putting healthy and sick animals to sleep. So, Buddiepet then opened for business in early 2014.

A family photo from the wedding.

Mrs and Mrs Burton

We met in January 2015 and everything fell into place. Charlotte had been looking to employ someone for a few months previously but hadn't found the right person for her and her business. It soon became clear that we had a lot more in common than at first glance. By January 2016 we had matching sign written vans and lots more furry friends! We got married in May 2019 with the blessing of all of our extended fur family.

Our Three Fur Babies


A french bulldog on sitting the floor.


A orange cat sitting in the bed.


A grey cat sitting on the bed.